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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Acee-Mesa, Dylan Kidspace Assistant dylan.acee-mesa@wesdschools.orb  
Adsit, Barb Kidspace Assistant  
Armendariz, Deborah  Office Technician  
Badger, Taylor 5th Grade Teacher Miss Badger's Website 
Bagnall, Sylvia  Office Technician  
Barnes, Barry 4th Grade Teacher Mr. Barne's Website 
Beckwith, Catherine Occupational Therapist  
Boggs, Darian Kindergarten Teacher  
Brodkin, Nancy SLA - SNPS  
Bulak, Carli 6th Grade Teacher Mrs. Bulak's Website 
Cabral, Tina Office Manager  
Cevilla, Julia Custodian  
Clark, Joy 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs. Clark's Website 
Clarkson, Britt 4th Grade Teacher Ms. Clarkson's Website 
Cohen, Maria Art Teacher  
Colman, Julia Occupational Therapist  
Colo, Carrie Instructional Assistant  
Crowell, Sandra 6th Grade Teacher Ms. Crowell's Website 
Davis, Kyra SLA-SNPS  
Deary, Heidi Speech Therapist  
Dersch, Judith Cafeteria  
Farrell, Kellie Southwest Behavior  
Frederking, Indira 5th Grade Teacher Mrs. Frederking's Website 
Graves, Carol Instructional Assistant  
Haugen, RG Psychologist Mr. Haugen's Website 
Hayes, Regina Kindergarten Instructional Assistant  
Hazen, Sheri Speech Therapist  
Holbrook, Kristin Program Coach  
Hornbaker, Sonia 4th Grade Teacher Mrs. Hornbaker's Website 
Hubert, Serana 6th Grade Teacher Ms. Hubert's Website 
Huerta, Danielle 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Huerta's Website 
Jaime, RosaLinda ECE Preschool Support  
James, Greg Custodian  
Jaworski, Jonathan PE Teacher  
Johnson, Tom Physical Therapist Mr. Tom's Website 
Jordan, Donesha Cafeteria  
Kohl, Christine Kindergarten Teacher Miss Kohl's Website 
Konesky, Susan 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs. Konesky's Website 
Krysik, Jennifer LD Resource Teacher Intermediate Mrs. Krysik Website 
Laubscher, Danielle Kidspace Assistant  
Laurent, Christopher Kidspace Coordinator  
LaVallee, Darla Psychologist Mrs. LaValle's Website 
Lee, Andrea 2nd Grade Teacher Mrs. Lee's Website 
Lewis, Angelena Preschool Instructional Assistant  
Liddell, Sherry Preschool Teacher  
Mezger, Stacy 3rd Grade Teacher Mrs. Mezger's Website 
Nelson, Sarah 1st Grade Teacher Mrs. Nelson's Website 
Newman, Stephanie Custodian  
Osborne, Kristine  Library Technician Mrs. Osborne's Website 
Pettijohn, Sara 1st Grade Teacher Mrs. Pettijohn's Website 
Plumb, Karen Cafeteria Manager  
Quick-Kitchener, Tiara Instructional assistant  
Ranjbar, Shiva Crossing Guard  
Rippe, Michelle Speech Therapist Miss Rippe's Website 
Rudder, Gail Kindergarten Instructional Assistant  
Salas, Jody Cafeteria  
Schultz, Polly Principal  
Scott, Lora Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Scott's Website 
Siken, Debbie 1:1 / Crossing Guard  
Slusher, Jason Instructional Assistant  
Smith, Karen Health Tech  
Soltero, Desiree  Instructional Assistant - Lead  
Stanton, Frank Facility Manager  
Taylor, Sarah 1st Grade Teacher  
Vail, Patti LD Resource Teacher Primary Mrs. Vail's Website 
Valdez, Valerie Kidspace Assistant  
Vasquez, Vince Instructional Assistant  
Villanueva, Cheyenne Social Worker Ms. Villanueva website 
Waldron, Daniel 5th Grade Teacher Mr. Waldron's Website 
Ware, Licia Music Teacher  
Wilkins, Darla Preschool Instructional Assistant  
Wong, Ora Cafeteria  
Young, Julie Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Young's Webiste 
Young, Sue Gifted Teacher Mrs. Young's Website 
Zeigler, Peyton 4th Grade Teacher Ms. Zeigler's Website 
Showing 75 items