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Order in the Library Game

  • Order in the Library is an online library game provided by the University of Texas. You can practice sorting, shelving, and reordering books using the Dewey Decimal System. Students can choose a character, play, and try to get to the next level. You can even earn an Assistant Librarian Certificate! Click here to play Order in the Library!  

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SubjectSite NameDescription
General Phoenix Public Library Home page of the Phoenix Public Library. 
General Funk and Wagnall's New World Encyclopedia Encyclopedia entries with color illustrations and maps. Updated annually. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
General Referencia Latina Resources in Spanish. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
Social Studies History Reference Center Covers all aspects of history with a focus on America's past. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
General Kid's Search This child-friendly, specifically for elementary/middle school students. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
Social Studies Biography Reference Center Full text biographies. Includes biography magazine articles. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
Language Arts Literary Reference Center An assortment of traditional literary reference works, about authors and their works. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
Social Studies Points of View Reference Center Designed to aid students in the study of today's social issues. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
Language Arts Novelist Locate books to read, and learn more about books and authors. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
Social Studies Culture grams Cultural information about Countries and States. Username - Ironwood Password - Ironwood 
Science Science Reference Center In-depth articles from over hundreds of science encyclopedias. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
General Searchasaurus Searchasaurus is a kid friendly information tool. Making it easy for students to search by icon, keyword or by topic to find the useful information. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
General Student Research Center Student Research Center provides students in secondary schools with the most appropriate research tools. (Login: WESD, Password: WESD) 
Showing 13 items