Student Drop-off/Pickup

When dropping off or picking up your child, please remember these rules of safety!
Please utilize the fire lane in the main parking lot or designated lane in the south parking lot to drop off or pick up your student.  Additionally, we recommend that you consider utilizing Acoma Park and crossing your child at the crosswalk if you would like to avoid morning and afternoon traffic. When utilizing the Ironwood parking lots, pull forward to the flagpole or (loading zone) to unload or load.  Duty staff will be present in the morning and afternoon to help the process run efficiently.  If you need to leave your car, you are asked to park in a marked parking space in either the north or south lot.  To ease parking lot congestion and to increase child safety, we suggest parking outside of the parking lots and meeting your child at the flagpole or at the crosswalk.  DO NOT have your child cross the parking lot, or street, alone! Students may ride their bikes to school.  Upon arrival at school they are to put their bicycles in the bike rack centrally-located near the PE/Music building and our 200 building.